Meet Dillon Guye (AKA Green Screen Baby) At 1yr old he is the newest owner of Atomic studios located in Los Angeles CA. Dillon normally hears music videos being shot from his crib and dances around while watching “Your Baby Can Read” but this time because we knew the director (Patrick Fogarty) we took Dillon out to the shooting area of the stage to watch the filming of the newest music video “Temptation” by Sebastian Bach (former lead singer of the band Skid Row) SEE VIDEO HERE We thought everyone on the crew would get a few laughs while the ” Green Screen Baby ” showed off some of his newest moves but instead Dillon silently stared at the rock star while he preformed as passionately as he always does. After about 5-7 minutes of this deep dead stare, Dillon’s grandparents (who spoil him rotten) had stopped by to pick him up for a sleep over. Dillon stared at Bach’s performance all the way out of the studio. Here is a quick video of Dillon after he was dropped off back at Atomic Studios less than 24 hours later. We thinking about contacting Bach’s people with a name change idea to the song. Although “Temptation” is a great name, “Influence” might be a bit more appropriate…

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Phil Guye