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Also feel free to call Atomic 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Even if its 3:00 am – WE NEVER CLOSE! –  323-851-3825

Feel free to call Atomic 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
Even if its 3:00 am – WE NEVER CLOSE!

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Why is our Black Void Studio so different?

  • Z24 hour shoot day (NO OVERTIME!!!)
  • Z100% completion guarantee. (Free reshoot day)

  • ZFree build days (save up to a whole day of location fees!)
  • ZFree casting days (let your talent know how serious you are…)
  • ZFree rehearsal days (maximize your shoot day with everyone on the same page)
  • ZFree internet access (great for uploading large movie files)

  • ZFree Pre light time (again, save up to a whole day of location fees!)

  • ZFree on site studio manager (would you pay a parking lot attendant his hourly wage?)

  • ZCoolest studio owner in Los Angeles (Hands Down)
  • Z15,000 square feet (with almost 14,000 shootable)
  • ZAll open space (no columns to get in the way)
  • ZMulti car capacity in studio (big enough to get driving shots too!)
  • ZWardrobe/dressing room (great for privacy from the rest of the studio)
  • ZCraft service Kitchen (my favorite part of a studio)
  • ZDouble fenced in entrance (for extra security and control)
  • ZPrivate Office (for the production team)
  • Z20 foot ceilings (great for those low angle shoots)
  • ZGreen Screen Cyc (Over 200 linear feet with a 6 ft radius on the cyc even the big boys only have a 5 ft radius on their cyc)
  • ZWhite Cyc (Over 200 linear feet also with the 6 ft radius on the cyc)
  • ZBlack Void (48 linear feet)
  • Z5 space loading dock for your production trucks (no need for lift gates
  • ZParking for up to 100 cars (no extra charge!) (try finding that anywhere in Los Angeles)
  • Z4 stall restrooms (No lines!) ( I hope...)
  • Z2 huge roll up doors (to bring in cars trucks or large props)
  • Z400 amps of house power (not bad for free)
  • ZHeavy duty over head I beams (for wire work & stunts)
  • ZAlmost 200 feet from one end to the other (for long lens shooting)
  • ZHuge private shootable ally (easily fits 3 cars across with room in between.)

Here are just a few of the many shoots
that happened on Atomic’s Black Void

Atomic Studios Black Void rentals are always for 24hr time periods with no surprise or hidden fees at all.

As always we encourage you to call with any & all questions 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
Thank so much,
Phil Guye