Most Studio Owners Forget What The Word Budget Means!

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Feel free to call Atomic 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
Even if its 3:00 am - WE NEVER CLOSE!

For one flat rate, here’s what you get:

  • 24 hour shoot day (NO OVERTIME!!!)
  • 100% completion guarantee. (Free reshoot day)

  • Free build days (save up to a whole day of location fees!)
  • Free casting days (let your talent know how serious you are…)
  • Free rehearsal days (maximize your shoot day with everyone on the same page)
  • Free internet access (great for uploading large movie files)

  • Free Pre light time (again, save up to a whole day of location fees!)

  • Free on site studio manager (would you pay a parking lot attendant his hourly wage?)

  • Coolest studio owner in Los Angeles (Hands Down)
  • 15,000 square feet (with almost 14,000 shootable)
  • All open space (no columns to get in the way)
  • 20 foot ceilings (great for those low angle shoots)
  • Green Screen Cyc (Over 200 linear feet with a 6 ft radius on the cyc even the big boys only have a 5 ft radius on their cyc)
  • White Cyc (Over 200 linear feet also with the 6 ft radius on the cyc)
  • Black Void (48 linear feet)
  • 5 space loading dock for your production trucks (no need for lift gates
  • Parking for up to 100 cars (no extra charge!) (try finding that anywhere in Los Angeles)
  • 4 stall restrooms (No lines!) ( I hope...)
  • 2 huge roll up doors (to bring in cars trucks or large props)
  • 400 amps of house power (not bad for free)
  • Heavy duty over head I beams (for wire work & stunts)
  • Almost 200 feet from one end to the other (for long lens shooting)
  • Smooth concrete floor (for when there is no time for track)
  • Amazing under bridge day or night exterior (with access to power)
  • Amazing industrial/urban exterior (in the rear of the facility)
  • Awesome shootable roof top (with downtown Los Angeles view)
  • Spacious green room (great for separating talent from the set)
  • Huge private shootable ally (easily fits 3 cars across with room in between.)
  • Craft service Kitchen (my favorite part of a studio)
  • Private Office (for the production team)
  • Double fenced in entrance (for extra security and control)
  • Multi car capacity in studio (big enough to get driving shots too!)
  • Wardrobe/dressing room (great for privacy from the rest of the studio)

Below are just a few of the many shoots that happened at Atomic Studios...

As always we encourage you to call with any & all questions 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
Thank so much,
Phil Guye