Green Screen Baby Breakdancing at Atomic studios in Los Angeles

Not exactly sure which group of music video dancers influenced this one but the 1 yr old ” Green Screen Baby ” is determined as usual to sharpen up on his new moves at his movie studio in Los Angeles… If you would like to see more of the Green Screen Baby please subscribe to…

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Green Screen Baby sings in the Los Angeles studio

Meet Dillon Guye (AKA Green Screen Baby) At 1yr old he is the newest owner of Atomic studios located in Los Angeles CA. Dillon normally hears music videos being shot from his crib and dances around while watching “Your Baby Can Read” but this time because we knew the director (Patrick Fogarty) we took Dillon…

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Hey guys Its Phil Guye at Atomic Studios…

I’ll be posting as much as Possible to keep you updated with any tips tricks interesting info and some funny ” Green Screen Baby ” antics… Thanks, Phil Guye

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